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When does the loyalty program start? 
Ensana Life starts on 1 January 2021 – guests can qualify with their hotel stays after this launch date.

Will my previous visits count towards my membership category? 
No, previous visits do not count. If you are a member of the Danubius loyalty program, then see below for further information.

Can I keep my Danubius EuroPoints card and enjoy the benefits in Danubius hotels? 
Yes, members of the Danubius EuroPoints program can keep their loyalty membership card and use it for their stays in any Danubius hotel, however you will not be able to collect points in connection with your stay at an Ensana hotel.

How can I spend my remaining Danubius EuroPoints balance on services in an Ensana hotel? 
Please check the options here or ask our hotel reservation agents for further assistance.

I will not be able to travel in 2021, do I lose my collected points? 
No, you will be able to use these points within any Ensana hotel as per the terms and conditions of the Danubius EuroPoints program until the end of 2022.

Are the stays before 1 January 2021 also taken into consideration? 
The program will start in 2021, any stays in our Ensana hotels before this date were subject to the former (Danubius) loyalty program.

I am a Danubius loyalty member – do I need to start at the basic membership level? 
You are not required to start again. Ensana Life will match the same category of membership.
(Discount only applies to public rates, no discount on corporate, insurance, or any type of contracted rates.) Some travel agencies have their own benefit program, which you might be able to use for your services booked with them.

Do I get a discount on services which I did not book in advance, but purchase directly at the hotel? 
Yes, your discount level is valid for all the hotel’s own services (e.g. restaurant, spa, wellness service if provided directly by the hotel and paid directly to hotel). Guests need to provide their Ensana Life membership details (membership level, card number) at the time of their booking.

Can I also qualify for the higher membership levels if I did not book directly with the hotel? 
Yes, you can qualify for the higher membership levels with the bookings that are not made directly with the hotel, however you can enjoy Ensana Life benefits and discounts only by hotel’s own service that you book and pay directly to the hotel

Can I use my card for food, beverage and treatment services even if I do not stay in the hotel?
Yes, the card’s discount can  be used  for F&B and spa expenses without having a room booked in the hotel. Member can get the discount up to 5 pax maximum. 

Can I have the card as a business enterprise? 
Business enterprises cannot become members of the “Ensana Life” program.

Can children be part of the program? 
Persons under 18 years of age cannot become members of the “Ensana Life” program.

Can I transfer, or share my benefits to/with another person, or company? 
The card’s discount can only be used for hotel stays of the card holder, bookings are limited to 1 room per cardholder, benefits cannot be transferred to other individuals, or business enterprises.

Is it possible to use card’s discount for those guests who share the room with card holder?
Yes, any person sharing the room with the loyalty member can enjoy the same discount and benefits.

I shared a room with someone and we both would like to join the program; would that be possible?
Yes, it is possible, please share both your first/last name, email address during the booking process and both of you will be enrolled into the program. 

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