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Health & Prevention

Benefits for your health

Professional rheumatologyst and physiotherapists 

8 treatment rooms

  • Natural healing resources: thermal water, healing mud
  • a therapeutic and tranquil spa environment around our thermal waters, with a wellness suite to give a multi-sensory spa experience
  • 8 treatment rooms of which one has been custom built for dual treatments.
  • individual mud treatment rooms, individual thermal mineral baths, CO2 baths
  • Unique healing mud of Hévíz in our health spas


Professional rheumatologyst and physiotherapists

Qualified medical staff and team of medical specialists

  • Unique natural healing resources: mineral water, peat mud, natural CO2
  • Mineral springs for drinking cure direct in the hotels
  • Qualified medical staff and team of medical specialists
  • International certificates – TUV, EuropeSpa med, MEdispa
  • Doctor´s duty and nurse duty
  • Regular medical lectures during health spa breaks

Prevention before serious health problems

  • Unique natural healing resources: thermal water, healing mud
  • Spa stays specialized for prevention with no intensive healing cure feeling
  • Treatments which help with prevention before serious health problems: Peloidtherapy for Hands; Underwater traction; healthy back exercises
  • Nordic walking - walks in largest spa island in Europe, covered by extensive park
  • Treatments included in package up 2 nights stay in our health retreat hotel in Europe
  • Drinking cure – healing mineral water
  • Unique healing mud – patented, controlled maturation and preparation, available only in Piestany. Different kind of healing mud available also in Smrdáky – excellent for skin diseases 

Rejuvanating bathing experience

No side effect by treatment of skin diseases

  • Unique natural healing resources: mineral water, healing mud
  • Highest concentration of hydrogen sulphide in Europe . This causes a strong anti-inflammatory healing effects and a positive effect upon immunological changes, in the same time calming the irritated skin and improving its elasticity.
  • No side effect by treatment of skin diseases 
  • Unique children treatment already up from 3 years especially for eczemas, psoriasis and acne
  • Long remission (time without any visible disease manifestations) -  up to 9 months
  • Recommended for eczemas, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ichthyosis and others.

Largest treatment centre in the area

  • Unique natural healing resources: salty water, healing mud
  • The only hotels that can use Bear Lake water and mud – especially important in the case of infertility treatment
  • Largest treatment centre in the area


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