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Health Care Programmes

Experience the art of healing

Ensana health care programmes encourage your body’s own self-healing mechanisms and combine our signature, scientifically proven, natural remedies with our integrated health treatments.

We focus on reversing the adverse effects of modern living: stress, accidents, poor posture, trauma, weight gain and general wear and tear. Plus, post-operative rehabilitation, particularly of the musculoskeletal system.

Different options to suit your needs

Our  Health Stays programmes are the perfect choice for experiencing Ensana’s signature health care across a broad range of therapies. Our Individual Pain Relief programmes include personal functional trainings and one-on-one treatments to target certain symptoms. We also offer full À-la-carte stays so you can combine as much or as little as you wish. Or, for those who want to sample the healing benefits of Ensana, we have Taster programmes with fewer treatments, allowing you time to enjoy our beautiful destinations. 

Our effective Weight Loss programmes combine diet and training under our doctors’ guidance.

We also have a global reputation for treating and reversing skin conditions thanks to the medical expertise and natural resources at our Smrdáky spa. And we specialise in treating women’s gynaecological complaints in Romania. 

Our health care programmes can also include:

How Do Ensana Health Care Programmes Work?

When you book a Health Care Programme at one of our hotels, this is what you can look forward to:

  • A medical check up with one of our spa doctors. 
  • Treatments based on natural healing resources, integrated therapies and our medical expertise, to treat your health condition in the best possible way, according to our diagnosis.
  • Complimentary use of our fitness and spa facilities.
  • Opportunities to experience the health and wellness benefits of good nutrition, stress management, personal training sessions, mindfulness techniques and our innovative Bio Balance concept.
  • Beautiful natural environments, local culture, sightseeing and entertainment.

Before booking your Health Care Programme we advise you to check your status with your health insurance provider.

You will also benefit from:

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Ensana Health Care Programmes

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