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Neck, Shoulder and Hip Pain 

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Do you suffer from muscle tension and stiffness in the neck, shoulders or hips? Do you have a typical seating profession, which also brings with it a lot of professional stress? You exercise too little, eat irregularly and usually too fast? You may have had a car accident, but not much happened and you did not undergo any aftercare?

Prevent yourself from having to endure heavier medical treatments. Get your freedom of movement and regain your well-being. With Ensana you can do a lot against neck, shoulder or hip pain. Our thermal water and mud therapies are an effective remedy for neck, shoulder or hip pain.

Causes of Neck, Shoulder and Hip Pain

The causes of discomfort in the neck, shoulders and hips are different. Poor posture or one-sided stress during physical work as well as obesity and damage to the cervical spine or other areas of the spine are just a few of the triggers.

Others are lack of exercise, rheumatic diseases, for example rheumatoid arthritis, problems with the intervertebral discs, herniated disc, tension caused by unphysiological work postures, stress caused by intense physical activity, mental hardships, chronic stress or depression, accidents and associated whiplash.

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Ensana Therapies

for Neck, Shoulder and Hip Pain

Our goal is to sustainably improve your health. Together with you, we ensure that the pain is reduced and that no further complaints are added as far as possible. Therefore, we tailor all treatments to you and your needs.

Effective Natural Resources

We rely on the power of nature and the natural remedies

Our natural remedies are thermal and mineral water, medicinal mud and gas, which have been successfully used for centuries against neck, shoulder and hip pain.

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