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Postoperative Rehabilitation

Faster recovery with natural remedies

Have you had surgery and want to resume your normal life as soon as possible? Are you looking for postoperative therapy to improve strength, endurance, coordination and stability of your muscles? Do you want to completely restore your joint functions?

After surgery, it is very important to find your way back to normalcy step by step. Bed rest can worsen the pain.

Our innovative, integrative medical concept is designed not just to treat individual symptoms, but to care for and advise you holistically and sustainably. We work to strengthen the self-healing powers of your body.

Goal of Postoperative Rehab

High quality and timely rehabilitation after surgery is very important. It's about getting you back on track without limitation or delay.

The function or range of movement of the affected part of the body - be it the joint, the hip, the knee, the shoulder, the elbow, the ankle or the spine – needs to be restored quickly. But it is also important that swelling and edema regress and your muscles are strengthened.

The goal is a speedy recovery, so that you feel good and can enjoy your life after your surgery.

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Ensana Therapy

for Postoperative Rehabilitation

In our spa programmes, we combine traditional spa treatments with modern therapies, such as preventive measures, nutritional advice and effective wellness and fitness programmes. 

Your initial health situation forms the basis for your personal therapy programme. It contains a mix of different treatments adapted to your needs and rehabilitation goals.

  • Balneotherapy treatments including hydrotherapy and mud packs, inhalations, gas baths and injections, cryotherapy, peat and paraffin wraps, Kneipp treatments, drinking cure
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physical therapies such as magnetic therapy, laser therapy, electrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional advice
  • Detoxification treatments
  • Pamper yourself with some of our wellness treatments, so that you can return quickly to live your everyday life normally and without any impairment from your operation

With us you enjoy medical treatments and hotel services of the highest quality. So that you feel completely comfortable and reach your health goals quickly.

Effective Natural Resources

A therapy with natural remedies significantly speed up your recovery. We work with natural remedies: thermal water, medicinal mud and gas. In postoperative rehabilitation programmes, we aim to deliver measurable health improvements quickly  and show how you can live healthier, more active and happier lives through lifestyle changes.

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Get Fit Again

Do not waste time after the operation. The faster you get mobile and fit again after surgery, the less aftereffects you will feel. Do something about your postoperative disabilities and return to your normal life quickly.

Convince yourself of our natural remedies and come to one of our health hotels for rehabilitation!

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