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Atopic Eczema

Lessen the symptoms and prevent the next flare-up of the disease

The term atopic dermatitis refers to a group of skin diseases that often have similar symptoms. The usual intense itching, dry skin and eczema negatively impact one’s quality of life and often the psychological well-being of those significantly affected. The complaints are often triggered by textiles (for example wool), foodstuffs, infections, cold or muggy weather as well as emotional stress.

For those affected, relieving the negative symptoms is paramount. Avoiding these triggering agents, careful skincare routines and various other therapies can relieve the symptoms and reduce the intensity of flare-ups of the disease.

The Ensana Health Spa Hotels in Smrdáky and Sovata specialise in the treatment of skin diseases including atopic eczema.

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Ensana Therapies

for Atopic Eczema

Your treatment will begin with an extensive examination.

Our experienced specialists will get a comprehensive picture of your current state of health and then put together a personal therapy plan for you. This includes treatments that are right for you, such as

As your personal health coach, we accompany you with advice and support through therapy so that you achieve your health goals. In addition, we will show you how to keep your symptoms in check even after your health spa holiday.

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Natural Healing Resources

Salt Water and Healing Mud

Our therapies focus exclusively on the effective natural remedies of thermal water, healing mud and gas.

The natural healing water in Smrdáky contains a variety of minerals and salts with a high concentration of hydrogen sulphide. The mineral-rich mud is also highly sulphurous. Both remedies are therefore very well suited for the treatment of chronic skin diseases. 

Mineral spring water from Bear Lake in Sovata, Romania, as well as its mud, have an anti-allergenic, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect.  For guests with skin conditions, the natural conditions in Sovata are ideal for relieving the symptoms of atopic eczema.

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For Atopic Eczema Treatment

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