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Support your kidney, bladder or prostate – naturally

For over a century, Marienbad spa doctors have been treating urinary tract problems. Drinking the carbonated mineral waters from our Rudolph and Karolina Springs is proven to help the kidneys clean the blood. This gentle drinking cure flushes out the “sand” that could otherwise clump together into large, painful stones. Our cures are particularly effective for relieving chronic bladder infections and speeding up recovery after surgery on the prostate, bladder or kidneys.

Speedy recovery after surgery
Although drinking cures alone cannot dissolve kidney stones, they do aid recovery after a lithotriptic procedure. Drinking our waters also boosts blood circulation and immunity.  Dry gas baths can help to heal surgical scars. And physiotherapy can strengthen abdominal walls or a pelvic floor damaged by surgery.

Caution:  anyone with advanced kidney failure (or otherwise on dialysis) must avoid drinking cures all together. Please consult one of our spa doctors for advice on which of our therapies will be the most safe and gentle.

Recommended Hotels

For Organs & Metabolism Condition Treatment

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

A contemporary ambience and special artistic flair make the Butterfly Health Spa Hotel special. The extensive health offerings and the exclusive sulphate-rich Ferdinand Spring mineral water for the effective treatment of locomotor ailments or skin diseases are exceptional.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

At the Centrální Lázně Health Spa Hotel, the great spa tradition of Marienbad meets modernity. Here the architecture, the flair and the rich experience of the past, meets the comfort and holistic medical knowledge of the present. An ideal combination for health and well-being.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

A star among the health hotels in Marienbad, the Hvězda Health Spa Hotel combines historic flair and modern design with 4* superior service and comfort, well-known medical expertise and the city's largest hotel swimming pool.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

A member of the “Royal Spas of Europe” and one of the best Five-Star health spa hotels in the Czech Republic, this beautifully renovated gem offers high-quality health programmes based on the destination’s famous natural healing resources at the spectacular historical settings of the Roman baths.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

The striking Four-Star Superior hotel in a prime location of Marienbad will impress you from the outset with its Art Nouveau architecture, its interior design capturing a maritime theme and the very sophisticated spa & wellness programme, which is based on local natural healing resources and our own mineral water spring.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

The Three-Star Svoboda Health Spa Hotel offers special historical architecture, extensive health and spa services and a central but quiet park location. Our hotel is the perfect combination of value and price.

Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

The Four-Star Vltava Health Spa Hotel provides outstanding services, treatments and venue, all at affordable prices. We offer a complete spa and health programme in an expansive therapy area and are located in a quiet and peaceful countryside with a magnificent view over the rooftops of Marienbad to ensure that you will be in on Marienbad's best kept secret!

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