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Powerful Natural Healing Resources

Best combination of nature, experience and innovation

Ensana is the only health spa brand that can draw on 200 years of experience in the research and application of natural remedies for medical, rehabilitation and preventative treatments for the health and wellbeing of guests.

We are proud that all seven Ensana destinations - in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania - are built in places of exceptionally rich natural resource with a long history of medical expertise that continues to grow in line with our on-going scientific research.

Over the decades, these experiences have been confirmed and extended again and again by scientific research!

Ensana Remedies
  1. Thermal waters and therapeutic muds in Piešťany and Hévíz
  2. Mineral springs and natural dry carbon gas sources in Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad)
  3. Mineral springs and sulphuric mineral mud in Smrdáky
  4. Thermal waters in Budapest and Sárvár
  5. Salt water resources and salty mud in Sovata in the Romanian Carpathians
Feel the Benefits 

of Ensana's natural healing resources

Bathing in mineral, thermal or salt water as proven hydrotherapies, the heat treatments with highly potent therapeutic muds and medical massages have been known for centuries and are highly effective for regeneration and rehabilitation.

Natural substances increase our immune function and our natural anti-cancer mechanisms. That is why we use in our classic complex cure and the surrounding treatments balneologically checked, natural remedies for a lasting effect.

The self-regulating processes of the body, which are initiated by the use of natural remedies, usually have a more lasting effect and delay possible interventions in the long term. A conscious perception of the signals of our body and a healthy lifestyle are the way to better personal health.

Through our "Life Changing" concept, we help the inner doctor to self-recover with his natural healing processes and thus help to noticeably improve performance and well-being.

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