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Healing Mud

Great remedy for musculoskeletal disorders and skin diseases

Like thermal and spring water, healing mud is mineral-rich, with a great capacity to benefit a full range of afflictions depending on the specific composition of elements such as bromine, sulphur, magnesium and more. Mud is a highlight among all our therapies.


Therapeutic mud is a mix of mineral water and earthy matter, be it volcanic sediments, alluvial deposits or decomposing flora with organic compounds, such as the peat mud from Hévíz in Hungary.

In Slovakia, Ensana’s therapeutic mud is marinated in the sulphur-rich mineral water for more than one year before use in treatments or before lining the base of our exceptional - and wholly unique - mud pool in Piešt’any.

Mud also has innate thermal qualities - cooling up to four times slower than water - which dilate blood vessels and allow its constituents to penetrate deep into tissue layers when prescribed as Mud Baths, Mud Compresses or when packed onto the body in full or partial Mud Wraps to:

  • relieve swelling and pain around joints 
  • reduce muscle tension
  • build connective tissue in the spinal column
  • treat infertility and gynaecological conditions
  • stimulate metabolism
  • cure skin disorders
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