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Mineral Spring Water

Efficient natural remedy with stress-reducing effects

Spring waters either bubble up from naturally occurring springs, or get pumped to the earth’s surface in our spa destinations in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

These waters contain high levels of minerals (an average of 15mg per litre), plus gases and micro elements that are dissolved in the water as it passes through underground rock.

In contrast to thermal water, mineral spring water is colder - less that 20 degrees Celsius at source - and contains less-dissolved particles.

Mineral water at our Smrdáky spa in Slovakia has an exceptionally high concentration of hydrogen sulphide which has a profound healing effect on all types of skin conditions. The mineral content is strong that the water is diluted before use in bathing therapies.

Drinking Cures

Drinking cures are recommended for:

  • subacute and chronic conditions
  • regulating a full spectrum of body processes: 
    • stomach, bowel, kidney, liver function
    • urinary tract, circulatory, respiratory and gynaecological issues

This type of treatment – especially popular in Mariánské Láznē – helps with digestive and metabolic disorders and has curative effects on kidney and urinary tract conditions, but can also be helpful with circulatory diseases, certain diseases of the respiratory tract and gynaecological problems.

Mineral Baths

Mineral baths are used for:

  • ailments of the muscular skeletal system
  • orthopaedic or accident rehabilitation
  • digestive or circulatory concerns
  • stress and anxiety
  • skin conditions
  • arthritic complaints
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