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Thermal Water

Precious source of health and relaxation

Thermal mineral water is characterised by its naturally warm temperature and rich mineral composition. 

Depending on the thermal water’s particular mineral make-up it is usually prescribed as a Bathing Therapy to treat:

  • inflammatory conditions of joints
  • degenerative issues relating to the nervous, locomotive and muscular systems
  • certain gynaecological issues
  • physical and emotional stress from daily living 
Relax & Recover

Thermal water forms the basis of Ensana’s natural therapy programmes in our health spa hotels in Slovakia and Hungary where it rises - or is pumped - to the earth’s surface, often from a depth of 2,000 metres. 

The water is typically so hot (virtually boiling in Budapest, for example) that is cooled to a suitable bathing temperature, between 36-39 degrees Celsius. Bathing therapies vary between individual baths to time spent in our thermal bathhouses that may combine swimming pools, saunas facilities and thermal water pools. Bathing therapies are usually prescribed daily for between 15-20 minutes.

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