Bio Balance Training

Bio Balance

What is Bio Balance Training
Targeted functional training ensures the stability of the bio-balance effect. At the same time, lymph, energy flow, muscle tension, balance and coordination are activated, which as a simple homework can sustainably prolong or even improve the success of the treatment. An active tension reset in every muscle cell. 

How Bio Balance Training helps
In turn, training stimuli are pieced together, which produce effects at various levels and thereby enable effective and lasting success: stretching of the tension flows, activation of the contracted structures during stretching by special strength exercises, coordination in the case of unstable tasks, equilibrium exercises, and support of lymphatic drainage with a detoxification effect.

Advisable for:

All types of stress on the musculoskeletal system, from traumatic, emotional or stress-related postural changes to restrictions due to immobility. Helpful for improving coordinative processes in popular and competitive sports.

Not advisable for:

• Acute feverish diseases
• Ulcerations (ulceration)
• Tumorous processes
• Thrombosis
• Recent heart attack
• Decompensated heart failure (heart failure)
• Arterial occlusive disease (in the closure area)

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