Bio Balance Treatment

Bio Balance

What is the Bio Balance Treatment
Typical patterns of tension caused by daily sitting are regulated by means of the push-stretch stimulus into a normal basic tension. It creates a tension equalisation between the front and back, and thus a more naturally-balanced posture in improved biomechanical balance. 

How the Bio Balance Treatment helps
Usually, following the first treatment, clear progress and a perceptible and visible straightening can be seen along with a more stable standing posture and deeper breathing. The large joints, such as the knees, hips, lower back, shoulders and cervical spine, experience noticeable relief. This is very helpful for increasing the effects of subsequent medical treatments.

Advisable for:

All types of stress on the musculoskeletal system, from traumatic, emotional or stress-related postural changes to restrictions due to immobility. Helpful for improving coordinative processes in popular and competitive sports.

Not advisable for:

• Acute feverish diseases
• Ulcerations (ulceration)
• Tumorous processes
• Haemophilia (haemophilia),
• Thrombosis
• Recent heart attack
• Decompensated heart failure (heart failure)
• Arterial occlusive disease (in the closure area)
• Pregnancy

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