Energy Flow

Bio Balance

What is Energy Flow
Once the affected structures are treated and the energy flow is once again fostered, the meridian system is actively stimulated in its entire flow and thus activated for self-regulation. On the basis of an acupuncture massage according to Penzel, inner stability and tranquillity are provided for in the sense of a so-called “big cycle”. In support, a formulation of all-natural cosmetics is used to combine the highest possible concentration of effective elements.

How Energy Flow helps
After opening the voltage blockages with the help of the Bio Balance treatment, this has an important effect on the energetic flow. The entire meridian system is stimulated and supports the self-regulatory forces at the energetic level.

Advisable for:

Highly recommended in direct connection with the Bio Balance treatment. Also good for improving inner stability and tranquillity – or in case of burnout symptoms.

Not advisable for:

• Acute feverish diseases
• Ulcerations (ulceration)
• Tumorous processes
• Thrombosis
• Recent heart attack
• Decompensated heart failure (heart failure)
• Arterial occlusive disease (in the closure area)

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