Individual Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, Individual Therapies

What is individual physiotherapy
Individual physiotherapy is performed by physiotherapists by means of their hands. It may target different parts of your body and influence various tissues according to the respective technique. It combines diagnostic and therapeutic effects in order to achieve a balanced body condition. Firstly, the physiotherapist examines your body using touch to find out where a disbalance is located. Then s/he performs various manoeuvres (e.g. pressure, traction, more complex manipulation, mobilisation) to re-establish balance in the affected body part as well as in the whole system. A series of such interventions may be necessary to re-establish the lost balance. The details are described under individual methods.

How individual physiotherapy helps
In general, any individual physiotherapy first affects your skin perceptions, thus changing the skin tonus as well as that of the underlying tissues. Deeper tissues such as the muscles, ligaments, joints or even the inner organs are influenced towards optimal functioning. A skilled human touch may help you breathe deeper, calm down, change your blood pressure, relax your stiff body, relieve pain, reduce swellings, facilitate your metabolism, boost your immunity and resilience, and improve your mood. The particular conditions in which various sorts of manual therapy are recommended or discouraged are described under the respective procedures.

Medical prescription: depending on selected treatment and current health status

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