Maria’s Dry Gas Pool

Balneotherapy, Carboxytherapy

What Maria’s Dry Gas Pool is
This traditional signature treatment procedure dates back to 1905. Before beginning, you need to go down a staircase into the original gas pool which is filled with natural CO2 gas directly from Maria’s spring. During the treatment guests sit dressed in armchairs. The gas reaches up to the waist.  

How Maria’s Dry Gas Pool helps
The treatment improves the blood circulation primarily from the waist down and secondarily throughout the whole body, which helps to normalize blood pressure, stimulate tissue metabolism, relieve pain and stiffness, regenerate cells, thereby slowing down the natural aging process.

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation after accidents, injuries and operations, stress, fatigue, kidney and urinary tract disorders, metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes mellitus), heart and circulatory diseases, incontinence caused by stress, certain diseases of the respiratory tract, open skin defects (e.g. leg ulcers), infertility and gynaecological problems, some neurological diseases, some oncological diseases.

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, any acute inflammation, epilepsy, severe heart failure, severe shortness of breath, acute thrombosis, incontinence, pregnancy, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, incapacitation, incurable malignant tumours.

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