Maria’s Group Inhalation

Balneotherapy, Inhalation

What Maria’s Group Inhalation is
During the treatment, mineral water from the Forest Spring is inhaled as an aerosol through the nose. Four people can be seated around the aerosol fountain at the same time.

How Maria’s Group Inhalation helps
It helps to dissolve phlegm and to clean the upper and lower airways. Mineral water inhalation is effective in treating chronic respiratory disorders, allergies and sequelae of acute airway infections. Additionally, smokers and people living in smoky or dusty environments may benefit from taking a series of inhalations.

Advisable for:

Chronic respiratory conditions (e.g. chronic bronchitis, rhinitis or sinusitis, bronchial asthma), frequent upper airway infections, smoking, smoky or dusty living environment

Not advisable for:

Acute respiratory infections with fever, cough and sneezing

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