Mechanical Therapy

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What is mechanical therapy
Mechanical therapy applied in our spa facilities uses various sorts of mechanical devices to improve your mobility (namely after injuries, operations or a stroke) or to facilitate your lymph and blood flow in case it is troublesome. Mechanical devices replace human power where it becomes easily exhausted or is very time consuming, e.g. where a frequent monotonous movement is to be performed. The details are provided under individual methods.

How mechanical therapy helps
Mechanical devices can be preset to perform certain movements or actions to facilitate the movement of your own limbs in case you have difficulty performing them voluntarily or you do not have enough power. In other cases, the mechanical device for lymphatic drainage regularly and with sustained pressure massages your limbs to facilitate the lymph flow, thus ridding you of swelling and heaviness. The particular conditions in which mechanical therapy is recommended or discouraged are described under their respective procedures.

Medical prescription: depending on selected treatment and current health status

Mechanical Therapy available at 15 ensana hotels
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