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Mindfulness Training

Increases body awareness & concentration ability

Mindfulness training sessions are particularly suitable for recognising and evaluating your own needs, feelings, thoughts and personal situation or to consciously perceive them. Only by addressing the ‘here and now’ will it lead to a better assessment of an existing circumstance. Awareness of certain circumstances also provides clarity that these circumstances are part of everyday life and do not pose an immediate threat or have to be treated as abnormal.

The perception of pain is also made more concrete and enables the practitioner to control both thoughts and pain.

With the control of your thoughts it is possible to channel your personal focus onto positive and promising things and thereby define a personal path unique in terms of your own pace and goals.

The training sessions can be targeted in the form of meditation exercises, yoga or in some various sports sessions. Only when you are aware of your own body and your functional relationship to it that you gain a sense of possibility. The experience through professional alignment of the essential bodily functions creates a feeling of intimacy and attainability - it is that feeling of coherence.

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