Nordic Walking

Physiotherapy, Group Therapies

What is Nordic walking
Nordic walking is derived from cross-country skiing and its principle is based on using two specially designed poles whilst walking. This means that during the workout the upper body is utilised, resulting in a more intensive workout compared to normal walking. However because of the support from the walking sticks, you do not feel you are working out at such a high intensity, meaning a lower ‘perceived rate of exertion’. 

How Nordic walking helps
In addition to beneficial effects of a mere walk, the exercise works the arms, shoulders, upper chest and back muscles through an extended range of movement than in normal walk, stretching muscles that are often tight. The poles are also good support and they provide stability on snow/ice or if you have balance, knee or leg problems. As Nordic walking always takes place outdoors, predominantly in nature, you benefit even more from breathing fresh air and enjoying the relaxing and clean environment of the spa parks and woods.

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, orthopaedic and accident rehabilitation, stress, metabolic and circulatory diseases, neurological diseases, convalescence after oncological treatment

Not advisable for:

Fresh or recent injury, infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, severe shortness of breath, severe heart disease, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, incapacitation

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