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Treatments for better mobility, coordination and performance

Physiotherapy includes specific manual therapies and external application of remedies to restore, improve or maintain the movement and functioning of the human body. It provides a variety of manual therapeutic forms of treatment, which, depending on the indication, are either prescribed by the physician or can be assigned by the physiotherapist following a medical certificatione.

As a rule, active therapies including personal training are also used during physiotherapeutic treatments, since the autonomous activation of disturbed movement patterns significantly contributes to a sustainable healing success.

Promotion of self-activity improves the understanding of the functioning of one's own body.

Activation also improves a significant aspect of our performance, coordination.

A harmonious interaction of related muscle groups enables effective, careful and thus gentle movements with less strain on the joints. In addition, body memory is stimulated at the neurological level and the memory of functional movements refreshed.

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