Salty Baths of Sovata

Balneotherapy, Thermal and Mineral Baths

What is a salty bath
The salty bath is a signature treatment of our Health Spa Hotels in Sovata, Romania. The water is pumped from a natural salt lake – Bear Lake – that lies just below the spa hotel. Because of its extreme salt content and the floating effect, the Bear Lake is often referred to as the ‘Dead Sea’ of Transylvania. In summer, the salty water traps the heat from the sun, maintaining its temperature at a pleasant 30°C and making it a wonderful, relaxing, floating outdoor spa treatment.

How a salty bath helps
This water is renowned for its healing effects in the case of mobility disorders, skin diseases and certain gynaecological conditions. It is also an effective relaxation therapy. The healing effects are due to its salt content combined with a higher temperature as the outdoor water is naturally warmed up by the sun. Because of the above, your body floats easily, making it feel light and relaxed – an effective de-stressing experience.

Medical prescription: depending on selected treatment and current health status

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, orthopaedic and accident rehabilitation, stress, fatigue, neurological diseases, some cardiovascular disorders, gynaecological diseases and infertility

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, untreated or uncontrolled hypertension, epilepsy,
acute thrombosis, phlebitis, leg ulcers and other skin defects, severe shortness of breath, untreated thyroid problems or hyperthyroidism, incontinence, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, menstruation, severe cardiovascular disease, malignant tumours and blood disorders, incapacitation

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