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Mariánské Lázně Natural Resources

40 mineral springs, healing mud and a natural dry carbon gas source

Mariánské Lázně is well-known for the abundance of natural medicinal sources. Besides the many natural mineral water springs, the spa destination’s natural resources also include natural peat and the Maria Spring, a powerful natural gas seepage that gave the town its name.

The fact that despite being located in such a small area, the water from the different mineral springs shows a great variety of chemical composition. This, along with the different types of natural remedies enables many types of illnesses to be cured.

Among them are locomotive system disorders, kidney and urinary tract diseases, respiratory tract illnesses, metabolic disorders, gynaecologic illnesses including infertility therapy, illnesses of the circulatory system, nervous system diseases and digestive system illnesses. Also, the rehabilitation of patients after finishing oncological treatment of breasts, genitals or other oncological diseases except malignant blood diseases can be promoted.

Mineral Water

Mineral springs around Marienbad 

There are 40 different cold water springs in Mariánské Lázně itself, and 100 throughout the district. They have different chemical compositions - rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, carbon dioxide or salt for example, which means they can benefit a wide variety of conditions most commonly in the famous medicinal drinking cure (between 1.5 and two litres daily) but also through bathing and inhalation therapies.

For example, the Cross Spring’s high sulphate content has a laxative effect on digestive tract issues (stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas and gall bladder) and metabolic disorders such as obesity, gout and diabetes.


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Chemical Composition of the Mineral Water

The mineral springs contain a large amount of carbon dioxide and ferrous ions (10 – 40 mg/l), and are called natural acidulous waters.

Magnesium 92  |  Calcium 148  |  Sodium 2 590   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  2 770

Sulphate 2 945  |  Chloride  858   |  Free CO2 2 896

Mineral content 9 600

Concentration in mg/l

Magnesium 141  |  Calcium 200  |  Sodium 2 870   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  3 050

Sulphate 3 173  |  Chloride  1 121   |  Free CO2 2 510

Mineral content 10 810

Concentration in mg/l

Magnesium 122  |  Calcium 233  |  Sodium 80   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  1 468

Sulphate 83  |  Chloride  32   |  Free CO2 2 444

Mineral content 2 160

Concentration in mg/l

Magnesium 105  |  Calcium 105  |  Sodium 710   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  1 724

Sulphate 623  |  Chloride  178   |  Free CO2 2 631

Mineral content 3 620

Concentration in mg/l

Magnesium 21  |  Calcium 46  |  Sodium 57   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  333

Sulphate 81  |  Chloride  20   |  Free CO2 2 420

Mineral content 630

Concentration in mg/l

Magnesium 110  |  Calcium 83  |  Sodium 182   |  Hydrogen-carbonate  877

Sulphate 197  |  Chloride  133   |  Free CO2 2 600

Mineral content 1 690

Concentration in mg/l

Healing Mud

Healing muds in Mariánské Lázně are typically bog and peat muds, harvested from around the mineral water springs. In preparation for use in treatments the mud is oxidised in open air, purified, blended with mineral water and heated with steam to 40 degrees Celsius.

Mud is used in body wraps to treat locomotive, respiratory and gynaecological disorders. Additional specialisms, in the form of peat vaginal tampons, are offered to women suffering chronic gynaecological inflammations and infertility.  Peat compresses are used cosmetically and medically to regenerate skin and for those for whom a full body wrap would be too intense.

Natural Carbon Dioxide Gas

Pain relief and hormone rebalancing

Natural carbon dioxide gas, otherwise known as Maria’s Gas from the nearby Maria’s Spring, is unique to Mariánské Láznē. It’s a powerful healing resource for physical pain when injected directly into muscles and joints.

When it penetrates the skin, carbon dioxide is also excellent for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. Due to the concentration of small blood vessels in the groin area, plus its stimulation of testosterone and estradiol hormones, CO2 has real positive effect on sexual function and menopausal symptoms.

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