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Buxton Natural Resources

Thermal water rich in healthy minerals

Buxton Natural Mineral Water is a 100% natural product and no chemicals are added for any reason.
The British Geological Survey that showed that the water originated from meteoric waters at the end of the last ice-age in the Palaeozoic era, about 5,000 years ago.
Buxton Natural Mineral Water source is in Buxton town, Derbyshire at St Ann's Spring, in the heart of the beautiful Peak District. Buxton water is the number one natural mineral water brand in the UK.

Mineral Water

Mineral spring in Buxton 

St Ann's Well is an ancient warm natural spring in Buxton. The drinking well is located at the foot of The Slopes (formerly St Ann's Cliff) and opposite the Buxton Crescent and the Old Hall Hotel.

The natural warm waters of Buxton have been revered since Roman times. By the 1520s the spring was dedicated to St Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) and the curative powers of the waters from the well were reported. A 16th-century act of parliament ruled that a free supply of the spring water must be provided for the town's residents. The mineral water emerges at a steady 27°C. Analysis of the water has indicated that it has a high magnesium content and that it originated from rainwater from around 5,000 years ago. 

Mineral Water Composition 

St. Anne's Well

Magnesium 19  |  Calcium 55  |  Sodium 24   |  Bicarbonate 248

Sulphate 13  |  Chloride  37   |  Free Nitrate

Ph @ source 7.4

Concentration in mg/l

Restorative mud from Hévíz

Buxton Crescent are delighted to offer our guests therapeutic thermal mud body treatments.  Our mud is sent to us from our sister Ensana Heviz property -  on the infamous Hévíz Lake in Hungary. Hévíz mud carpets the bottom of the lake, in places 7 metres thick, after millennia of geological and biological processes. This soft, dark grey mud is packed onto body parts, acting as local heat therapy for easing swollen joints and muscular tension while also supplying nutrients to cartilage and connective tissue. Experiments with Hévíz mud have proved its anti-ageing effects on skin: stimulating cell metabolism and generating collagen for a soft and renewed complexion.

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