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Sárvár's Natural Resources

Healthy muscles, silky skin

Thermal Mineral Water
State Approved

Hydrogen-carbonated Medicinal Water 

The state-approved thermal water from the hotel’s own thermal spring is the basis for the medical spa programmes at the Thermal Sárvár Health Spa Hotel.

The hydrogen-carbonated medicinal water gushes up from a depth of 1,300 metres at a temperature of 48 °C. It is a biologically mild alkaline water and has a mineral content of 0.5%, of primarily sodium chloride, hydrogen-carbonate and various trace elements, but no sulphur or radon.

Characteristics & Effects

Due to the high salt and dissolved mineral content in the water, therapies involving the water to treat musculoskeletal complaints such as rheumatism can achieve remarkable results.

It also rejuvenates the skin – guests will experience a silky sensation during bathing.

Following cooling, the thermal water also feeds the indoor thermal pool and, in winter, the outdoor swimming pool as well.



The composition of the thermal water at Thermal Sárvár Health Spa Hotel

pH 7.66

The water does not contain sulphur or radon!

Concentration of ions, in mg/l

  • Potassium 16.6
  • Sodium 1,298.0
  • Ammonia 12.2
  • Calcium 10.3
  • Magnesium 5.2
  • Iron 125
  • Manganese <10

Total Cations     1,342.42

  • Chloride 428
  • Nitrite <0.02
  • Nitrate <1.0
  • Sulphate <5
  • Carbonate <3
  • Hydrogen carbonate 2,800.0
  • Hydroxil <2

Total Anions 3,228.81
Total mineral content 4,571.2

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