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Health benefits since the Late Middle Ages

Sárvár is one of the best-known thermal baths on the Hungarian spa route. It is located in the heart of Western Transdanubia in the Raab Valley, surrounded by hills and a beautiful natural landscape. The town  has a long and interesting history, going back many years. The area of Sárvár had already been settled at the time of the Neolithic period, with Roman and Carolingian settlements following later. This  became an important centre in the late Middle Ages. At the end of the 16th century, the Lehmburg Castle (mud castle) was demolished and replaced with a water castle, which is today’s Nádasdy Castle. This castle is one of the few water castles throughout Hungary. The town’s name literally means “mud castle” and presumably refers to the fact that the village was built on a swamp and moorland. Ever since then, the Nádasdy Castle  has been the centre of the town.

Sárvár, The Beloved “Mud Castle”

Visit this gem on the Hungarian spa route

Do you have problems with your musculoskeletal system? Let the thermal waters of Sárvár give you some relief. These healing waters are especially suited to address ailments in these areas

The Hungarian Wittenberg

During the Renaissance, Sárvár was a centre of the Reformation movement. That’s why the town was also called the Hungarian Wittenberg. Interestingly, the first Hungarian-language book was printed here: a translation of the New Testament. 

83 degrees of hot thermal water

Thermal water was discovered when searching and drilling for oil in 1961. From a depth of 998 metres, hot water, at a temperature of 83°C, rocketed up into the air – Sárvár’s first thermal spring! Near  the town, another healing spring was discovered at a depth of 1,200 metres with a temperature of 43°C. These two sources laid the foundation for the Sárvár we know today, a modern healing and wellness resort. The public thermal bath was opened in 1968 and in 2002 it was enlarged and modernised as a healing and wellness spa. Health tourism flourished in Sárvár following the opening up of Eastern Europe. In 2008 and again in 2010, the thermal spa was further developed. Today, Sárvár is an internationally-famous and extremely popular spa and holiday resort, offering a wide range of healing and wellness treatments as well as places of interest, sports facilities and events.

Healing treatments, spa and wellness 

Many different pools comprise the public spa bath in Sárvár. Also try our  lavish sauna world with various saunas, aroma cabins and Kneipp pools – or choose to luxuriate in our wellness centre that will satisfy any desire, from massages to beauty treatments. 

Public baths in Sárvár:
  • Ten pools 

  • Various adventure pools

  • Several medicinal pools

  • Baby and paddling pools

  • Beach and wave pools

Healing Cures & Wellness

Our Thermal Sárvár Health Spa Hotel will get you feeling wonderful with our medically supervised healing cures,  and a myriad of wellness treatments.

Why not spend a rejuvenating, relaxing and enjoyable holiday with us in western Hungary?

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