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Sovata's Natural Resources

Salt water and anti-bacterial healing mud

Millions of years ago, Sovata’s current location was a lagoon in which salt washed in from the sea. When in the second half of the 19th century a sinkhole collapsed, the nearly five-hectare wide Bear Lake was formed.

This is the only heliothermic lake in Europe and is characterised by layers of salt water with different densities and temperatures that trap and store the heat of the sun.

In the summer, the water temperature on the surface is between 20 - 25°C and in a depth of 2 metres between 35 - 40°C, making it a perfect experience in which to float and totally unwind in beautiful natural surroundings.

Salt Water

“Transylvanian Dead Sea”

This lake’s unusually high levels of salt make swimming - even just floating - a pleasurable way to relieve body tension. A mix of warm sun and mineral-rich water keeps surface temperatures between 20-25 degrees Celsius, heating up to 35-40 degrees at deeper layers.

High salt content gives the water anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for treating infections, mobility issues and respiratory conditions with inhalation therapies.

Salty Mud

Mud from Bear Lake

Mud is harvested from Bear Lake, (Lacu Ursu), so-named because it is the shape of a bear’s hide. It is famous for treating gynaecological conditions in women. When inserted as a tampon, it has great results for reversing infertility, menstruation and menopausal symptoms and for repairing tissue after gynaecological operations.

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