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Cinema, Theatre, Exhibitions, Dances, and Festivals

You’ll never be bored in Smrdáky – visit the resort town’s events and festivals

The popular resort town of Smrdáky organises a range of activities for its guests throughout the year. These include health and lifestyle presentations, cinema, theatre performances, exhibitions, dances, as well as tasting events for traditional dishes and drinks. Find out more about what’s on at one of our spa hotels and dive in. You’re sure to have fun. There are also a variety of festivals worth visiting in the area around the mineral baths.

Events in Smrdáky

We’ve put together a summary of the most important events for you here:

Smrdáky Spa Season Opening

The spa season opens with a festival on the last Sunday of May with a lively programme: dance, music, culinary specialties, and activities for children are all on offer. Historic vehicles and traditional crafts are also presented at the festival. Arrive in town in time for the festival and celebrate the start of the spa season in Smrdáky.

Grape Harvest Festival in August

Smrdáky celebrates the grape harvest on the last Saturday of August. After all, Smrdáky is not just a spa town – it is also part of a wine region. Of course, you can sample local wines at this festival. A music programme provides entertainment and all kinds of crafts are also displayed. Visit this lively festival and join in the celebrations.

Skalica Maringota Festival

27.08.2020 - 27.08.2020

Just 16 kilometres from Smrdáky, the Maringota Festival takes place each August. Enjoy a weekend of workshops, photo exhibitions, and wine tasting. The festival also offers a mix of pop, rock, funk, and jazz. Local and international musicians play here, making the festival a memorable experience.

MYJAVA International Folklore Festival

The folklore festival has been held in the Trnovce Myjava Amphitheatre since 1976, and gains popularity each year. Don’t miss the dance and music performances by folklore groups in traditional costumes. It’s pure Slovak culture. You won’t be able to resist the festival’s cheer.


Slovenské Hrady

Fortresses and castles open their gates for Slovakia’s Castle Festival. Enjoy free tours through old walls and demonstrations of craftsmen’s traditional skills while learning more about local history and traditions. There are also art competitions, children’s programmes, and of course, all kinds of music.

Lots of events in Smrdáky

Entertainment is a must during a spa, health, or active holiday.

Smrdáky and its surroundings invite you to a wide range of events. Find the activities that best suit your tastes, then just hop out of the healing baths and head to the party.

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