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Smrdáky's Natural Resources

Concentrated sulphide water and mud for healthy skin and increased mobility

A million years ago, the prehistoric sea left a precious heritage in the form of mineral water springs with a high content of sulphide and curative sulphide mud in the area underneath Smrdáky.

These unique natural curative resources have been well known for hundreds of years and are used in the treatment of skin diseases also in conjunction with diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Mineral Water
Most Potent

Hydrogen Sulphide Waters

The mineral water in Smrdáky is one of the most concentrated hydrogen sulphide waters in Europe (680mg/l) and has a total content of 3400 mg of mineral substances per litre.

Two sources of the cold (temperature 13 °C) hydrogen sulphide water - called Jozef I. and Jozef II.  - are used at Smrdáky Spa. They are hypotonic, alkaline and slightly mineralised and contain hydrocarbonate, chloride-carbonate and sodium, with an increased content of boric acid.

Health Benefits

The mineral water is characterised by a distinctive hydrogen sulphide odour but it relieves pain, heals and revitalises. During mineral baths or accompanying mineral hand and leg baths with higher concentration of mineral water, the sulphide goes through the skin into the body.

It has anti-inflammatory healing effects and a positive effect upon immunological changes. It calms the irritated skin and improves its elasticity. The high sulphurous content and the additional minerals make it exceptionally effective for the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, and intense chronic mobility disorders.

Healing Mineral Mud

Natural Sulphurous Healing Mud

The unique natural sulphurous healing mud originates from the flow of sulphide mineral water through loess soil.

After extracting, the mud is stored in a special pool where it matures for one year under the layered sulphide mineral water. The preparation process ends in „a mud kitchen“, from where it goes to the guests.

Health Benefits

It has a special consistency allowing thermal durability, it cools down 4-times slower than water and warms even deep body structures.

Partial or total mud wraps reduce local swelling around joints, reduce tensions in muscles and improve nutrition of cartilages, connective tissue and intervertebral discs. They strengthen anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes in the body.


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