Who can enrol?

The ‘Gold for Heroes’ programme is designed exclusively for the frontline medical workers – from cleaning staff to ambulance drivers to surgeons. Persons under 18 years of age, employees of Ensana or its affiliates,  cannot become members of the “Gold for Heroes” programme. 

Front line staff working in the countries of Ensana (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and United Kingdom) are eligible to enrol themselves.

Membership enrolment

The membership starts after the guest receives an activation email, has agreed on terms and conditions and has successfully activated the membership via the provided link (provided consent to join the program and accept the general terms and conditions). Ensana will store its members guest data and will use it solely and only for Ensana legitimate business purposes. 

Ensana accepts the responsibility to handle the data entered on the Ensana Heroes online platform. Data provided during the enrolment process will be maintained while participation in the program remains in effect. For the Ensana Data Protection Guide click here. Members of the Ensana Life program may possess only one valid card at one time. Benefits of membership cannot be shared, transferred to any other individual, or company.

Enrolment process:

  • registration online/offline for eligible customers
  • register personal data giving the consent to the program
  • within the next 7 days you will receive a confirmation email to access your loyalty membership (Ensana Heroes Gold level) where you will have access to your membership card
  • members will use their promotional code for booking any public rate on our website, or with hotel directly (reservation profile should contain an email address, given at the enrolment)
  • you will have to provide a proof of the employment for the first-time booking 

Ensana Hero Card


  • 20% discount on hotel accommodation which are booked & paid directly at the hotel, without involving any intermediate, 3rd party agent or online booking platform (e.g.
  • Discount applies for 1 room, confirmation is subject to availability 
  • 20% discount on other hotel services such as restaurants, spa, wellness, café, etc.
  • Discount applies to public rates, no discount on corporate, insurance, or any type of contracted rates


  • Free early check-in, late check-out upon availability
  • Priority access to flash sale promotion 
  • Upgrade to next room category (upon availability)
  • VIP experience & treatment during stay
  • Free access to our supersaver offers


Access member area with your active email address here and then download your card again.
You will be able to download your card as a virtual card image, or directly into your android/apple e-wallet.


Access member area and check your status on the Ensana Life Membership platform. If you need further help please contact us at Due to privacy regulations we will not provide any private information except to your registered email.


Ensana Hero members will have a special promotion code (in your activation email), which they should use during the booking process. This promotion code will entitle members to the relevant discount on the hotel accommodation (flash sales, corporate, or any other special contracted rates are not entitled to any discount)

Benefits and discounts must be claimed at the time of booking. 
Guests are required to provide their name, membership number and promotional code at the time of booking. Benefits and discounts cannot be claimed retrospectively.

The particular benefits and discounts applied at the time of booking will be in accordance with the membership level at the time of booking.

Eligible customers who are already members of the “Ensana Life” programme will be upgraded to the Gold membership - our highest loyalty membership level.

Danubius Europoint Loyalty Program members will not be able to collect any further points within the Danubius loyalty membership program. Guests can decide if they wish to join Ensana Hero programme with the highest loyalty membership status, or simply remain Danubius Loyalty guests without joining the Ensana Hero programme.

How to book a Danubius hotel with your Ensana Hero membership card:

Danubius Hotels offer Ensana Hero members benefits of the Danubius Europoints program for their next stay. Attach a copy of your virtual Ensana Hero membership card to your reservation confirmation and email it back to the hotel. Please note that Ensana loyalty membership discounts and benefits are not applicable in any Danubius hotel.


You may cancel your Ensana Hero programme membership at any time, cancellation of membership can be initiated by emailing us at Ensana terminates the Ensana Hero program me membership if:

a.)    the member violates the program’s terms and conditions 
b.)    in any case of misuse, related to a membership card’s benefits & discounts
c.)    the member cancels the membership in writing via email to 
d.)    the member does not give approval to the handling of his/her data, or revokes Ensana’s ability  to do so

Benefits of the Ensana Hero membership cannot be used, or transferred by/to any other individual, or company. 


Ensana reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of Ensana Hero programme.  Ensana reserves the right to cancel the Ensana Hero programme unilaterally, with 90 days notice. After the 90-day cancellation period, further enrolments will not be available, and members can only use the benefits they have already been confirmed.


We are delighted that you joined the Ensana Hero programme, but if you have any further question, or request; please feel free to contact us at .

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