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Pharmos Natur

Nature that works. Beautiful and healthy. Inwardly and outwardly. Experience the unique effect of selected medicinal & rejuvenative plants on your skin.

Enjoy PHARMOS NATUR for your beauty and well-being. With high-quality Green Luxury cosmetics. Instead of water, their foundation is aloe vera, rich in active ingredients and without the addition of alcohol, petroleum, paraffin and PEGs. Also, they don’t contain traditional preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol or citric acid. Natural plant extracts from certified organic sugar beets ensure their keeping properties. Bio-Penthylenglycol with natural health foods® for beautiful skin and a healthy body and with holistic treatments.

…stands for the highest level of purity and quality in products and treatments for a holistic approach, an ecological way of working, ethics, sensuality and spirituality in daily life.

All the plants are grown in mixed cultivation by small-scale farmers at special places of spiritual energy all around the world. Organically, without any chemical spraying or fertilisers, with the utmost care and love. In this way, the plants develop a high concentration of active ingredients and an enormous resistance power.

The cultivation and processing procedures for lead plants are organically certified in accordance with the strict Foodstuffs Act. This involves the time-consuming and painstaking de-seeding of the aloe vera on site and processing in accordance with the PHARMOS NATUR method in Germany. The unique and varied ingredient network of the plants, but also their essential power and light energy, remain preserved. Because to flood with intense light energy means - from a holistic perspective - true rejuvenation and regeneration.

In this totality - without an isolation of individual substances - the products can do wonders for the skin. Inwardly and outwardly. Experience the unique effect of select, precious medicinal and rejuvenative plants with PHARMOS NATUR.

It’s a very special aloe vera - from Ecuador and Yucatán. It is blessed with an incredible treasure trove of active ingredients, such as essential glyconutrients and amino acids, important enzymes, vitamins and their precursors as well as minerals and trace elements. Due to its viscosity and consistency, the aloe vera gel is completely absorbed into the skin, with the active ingredients of the precious medicinal and rejuvenative plants penetrating deeply into your skin. On the other hand, water remains on the skin’s surface. The holistically produced, organic juice used by PHARMOS NATUR has properties that are very similar to those of the cell fluid in the body. You feel and see this pure plant power with each application. Because unadulterated nature works.

PHARMOS NATUR facial and full body treatments are based on the principle of vegetodynamic® detoxification. Liberating the body so that it can regenerate and draw new strength. Treatment is carried out using the energetic flow of life energy and with slow, careful movements. Combined with the practitioner’s mental focus, this has the effect that the autonomic nervous system responds and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes active. This is also called a “recovery nerve” because it controls the bodily functions that serve the organism’s regeneration and the development of energy reserves. After the first treatment, you will already feel and see the intensity and effect on your skin. Through the high level of mindfulness in the touch, experience how your individual needs are being recognised. You’re able to relax, draw new strength, and your body feels liberated. Tension and stress go away.

The highlight of every treatment: the fresh aloe vera plant leaf. At the centre of every treatment is the application of the very special fresh aloe vera plant leaf. Deep in the skin, you feel your moisture depositories filling immediately, while the cells are being supplied with a complex active ingredient network and flooded with high light energy. Over 100 natural, unaltered active ingredients are directly applied to the skin and, depending on the treatment, enriched with natural oils.

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