Body Detox

Natural Skincare, Pharmos Natur, Body Treatment

Detoxification treatment for the whole body. This treatment’s combination of precious medicinal plants together with the application of pure organic aloe vera to the lymph nodes detoxifies and purifies via the lymph, strengthens and consolidates connective tissue, activates the metabolism and reduces cellulite. You feel liberated and light. 

PHARMOS NATUR full body treatments are based on the principle of vegetodynamic detoxification. Liberating the body so that it can regenerate and draw new strength. Treatment is carried out using the energetic flow of life energy and with slow, careful movements. Combined with the practitioner’s mental focus, this has the effect that the autonomic nervous system responds and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes active. This is also called a “recovery nerve” because it controls the bodily functions that serve the organism’s regeneration and the development of energy reserves.

After the first treatment, you will already feel and see the intensity and effect on your skin. Through the high level of mindfulness in the touch, experience how your individual needs are being recognised. You’re able to relax, draw new strength, and your body feels liberated. Tension and stress go away. 

Focus of your treatment: Head & neck region │ Shoulders│ Back │ Belly │ Arms & hands │Legs & feet

Choose duration of your treatment - 50 min or 80 min.


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