Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage

Natural Skincare, Comfort Zone, Body Treatment

Innovative treatment method with a multi-sensory approach, very helpful for an improvement in sleep. Deep relaxation is achieved through three closely-connected influences: careful touching through combined therapeutic slow movements, aromatherapeutic voyage of fragrance and relaxing background music. The combination of unique specially-composed essential oils Tranquillity™ Sound and the unique brushing manual with elements from Ayurveda and Indonesia Sea Malay Ritual will accompany you on your way to a state of deep relaxation. This treatment is particularly suitable for sleep disorders or the symptoms of jet lag.

Benefits - pure relaxation combined with a cosmetically-hydrated and silky skin sensation. Recommended in cases of sleep disorders and stress-related restlessness or anxiety. Most ideally suited after long flights and time zone changes.

Duration: 50 minutes

Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage available at 14 ensana hotels
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