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Film- és zenei fesztiválok, sárkányhajóversenyek és egyéb látnivalók

Pöstyénben (Piešťany) az egyik kulturális esemény a másikat követi

Pöstyén hírneve jóval túlnyúlik Szlovákia határain, köszönhetően a pöstyéni Fürdőszigeten található gyógyfürdőknek és a gyönyörű gyógyszállóknak. A fürdőgyógyászati kezeléseken és a pihentető vagy aktív, sportos szabadidős kínálaton túl a város különböző események gazdag kínálatával várja az idelátogatókat. Az év során fesztiválok, sportversenyek, kávéházi kiállítások és tematikus események sora bűvöli el a közönséget. Fedezzen fel mindent Pöstyénben, hiszen ott mindig, tehát egész évben történik valami érdekes.

Események Pöstyénben

Összeállítottunk egy válogatást a legfontosabb eseményekből:


This international film festival in October is devoted to astronomy and space travel. Here you’ll see films that are not on TV or in the cinema. The film programme is complimented by exhibitions, workshops, child-friendly offerings and round table discussions.

Bažant Cinematographer

Since 2003, this open-air-travelling cinema has been touring around Slovakia throughout the summer months. It stops off at more than 30 destinations, Piešťany being one of them. Various feature films are screened. From retro buses, such as the Škoda RTO, the films are projected onto a large screen. The Cinematographer is a film spectacle with an extraordinary atmosphere – this is an unforgettable experience.

Carat Tuning Party

Powerful engines, stylish racing cars, beautiful women, good music – this is how to describe the largest Slovak motorsport event. In June, the engines in Piešťany rev and the girls compete in the Miss Carat Tuning beauty contest.


The international film festival, founded in 2006, is one of the largest in Slovakia with over 70 films shown each year. The year’s best European movies are screened, as well as documentaries by Slovak film-makers. The festival is accompanied by concerts, art exhibitions, talks and seminars.


The Lodenica Music Festival at the end of August is devoted to country and folk music and thus offers a varied programme of national and international singer/songwriters, bands and music groups.

Dragon Boat Race on the Váh

You certainly don’t want to miss this colourful sports festival. The first dragon boat race took place in Hong Kong in 1976. Since then, the sport has been gaining more and more fans throughout the world. And Piešťany is no exception, where every year in June, different teams compete against each other. The dragon boats take the shape of an open canoe but a dragon’s head sits at the front and a dragon’s tail at the rear. The 15 to 20 paddlers in the boat are fired up by a drummer who sets the rhythm.

Eurotour International

Various events from May through June showcase Slovakia, its people, its music and its art. Documentary and feature films, ceramics and handicrafts are on show throughout various locations in Piešťany; exhibitions take place with dance and musical performances on offer.

Grape Festival

Since 2010, this two-day open-air music festival has been taking place in August. International and Slovak bands of all kinds of music genres perform on several stages and as the air vibrates with their music, the revellers dance and sing along. 

Opening of the Summer Spa Season

The summer spa season traditionally opens with a festival in Piešťany. This includes a procession, music and theatre performances, arts and handicraft displays and a varied programme of entertainment.

Park Photo

This outdoor exhibition, organised by the Piešťany Photo Club every year, pays homage to creative photography. Admire unusual landscape photographs, portraits and everyday situations captured on film.

Piešťanské Rendezvous

This festival of Czech and Slovak art, which takes place every year in October and November, features theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions and children’s programmes. 

Piešťanské Zlaté Stuhy - Concours d'Elegance

Vintage cars wherever you look! Be transported back to the 1930s on the Spa Island. Take some photos of the elegant bodywork from the past and watch the auction. 

Victoria Regia

At the Slovak Floral Championship in September, you’ll see the professionals tying and arranging their flowers. The bouquet of the year is awarded and a parade of colourfully decorated carts with flowers transforms the town centre into a colourful sea of plants.

Young Art Show

The Young Art Show (YAS) is an exhibition of modern art that provides students and graduates from local and foreign art schools with space to showcase their works of art. Artists and the public come together to exchange ideas.

Festival of Radio – Radio Plays

Every two years Piešťany transforms itself into a centre for radio plays. The best radio plays are awarded a prize, with concerts and workshops rounding the programme off.

Christmas Markets in Piešťany

Traditional Christmas decorations, handicraft and a rich culinary offering await you at the Christmas markets in Piešťany. A nativity scene and performances from folklore groups will get you into the spirit of Christmas. 

New Year Party

The beginning of the new year is best heralded in with a spectacular programme of entertainment and exquisite cuisine in our hotels on Spa Island. Alternatively, there is a celebration at Freedom Square in Piešťany, with music, dancing and a lively atmosphere. 

Mi vár tehát Önre Pöstyénben?

Jól megérdemelt pihenés, a legmagasabb színvonalú fürdőgyógyászati kezelések, rengeteg sportlétesítmény, vendégszeretet, valamint kulturális és egyéb események gazdag kínálata.

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