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Come and enjoy your stay in the hotel in the centre of Piešt'any.

min. 1 night

Details Book from € 45 i

This programme features a variety of treatments designed to relieve pain and muscle stiffness and improve mobility, with...

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 60 i

A combination of traditional spa treatments combined with physical activities designed to improve mobility and foster mental...

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 58 i

Designed for guests who are feeling down, tired and overwhelmed by Covid-19, this programme uses Ensana’s natural healing...

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 56 i

With up to four treatments per day, this spa programme is suitable for younger or middle-age guests with chronic musculoskeletal...

min. 7 nights

Details Book from € 83 i

For guests experiencing breathing difficulties of non-cardiac origin, the Respiratory Recovery programme includes traditional...

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 63 i

Suitable for guests with chronic pain from joint inflammation such as back pain, arthritis, rheumatoid diseases, autoimmune...

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 73 i

Designed for guests with chronic musculoskeletal issues or post-operative conditions that may limit their daily activities....

min. 5 nights

Details Book from € 68 i

Enjoy a taste of Ensana’s signature treatments using unique local natural health resources. Under the guidance of professionals...

min. 2 nights

Details Book from € 48 i
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