Mineral Water Drinking Cure

Drinking Cure

What is the Mineral Water Drinking Cure
The drinking cure generally consists of drinking a prescribed amount of mineral water several times per day. Usually, one drinks before meals, as drinking on an empty stomach regulates the function of the stomach and intestines better than with a full stomach. In other cases, drinking mineral water with or after meals increases the absorption of necessary minerals into the body. In general, you may expect to drink between 20-30ml of mineral water per 1 kilogram of body weight per day.

How the Mineral Water Drinking Cure helps
Diverse natural mineral waters gently regulate the functioning of your internal organs, foremost digestive and urinary tracts. Each particular fountain in our different spa resorts in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia has its own unique benefits and advantages. Instructions on how to take full advantage of this natural resource can be found in the respective spa.

The access to mineral fountains is usually free of charge. Outdoor cold springs are turned off in winter time, while indoor fountains are accessible all year round. Walking to outdoor drinking pavilions twice or three times daily is a good, pleasant and easy exercise to complement your spa treatment. Our Health Spa Resort at Marienbad was built in the early 1800 ́s around the healing effects of its plentiful and varied medicinal mineral springs, world famous for their curative effects on urinary tract conditions (namely stones) and metabolic dysbalance (especially digestive dysfunctions). Even in the 21st century, drinking medicinal mineral water may be an important part of your spa stay depending on your health condition. However, improper or excessive consumption of certain medicinal mineral waters may lead to various unwanted effects like diarrhea, belching, bloatedness, swelling of legs, eyelids, or increased blood pressure. Because of this, combined with the importance of embarking upon the correct drinking regime, your spa doctor will advise you on which spring can best benefit your health condition.

Advisable for:

Chronic digestive problems due to a dysfunction of stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas or intestines; chronic kidney and urinary tract disorders (inflammations and stones), metabolic diseases (namely diabetes mellitus and gout)

Not advisable for:

Diarrhea, biliary or renal colic, severe renal failure, intolerance of carbonated water, severe heart failure, severe urinary incontinence

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