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What is Pilates 
Joseph Pilates developed his concept in England whilst interred during the First World War, basing his principles on yoga and Tai Chi. While working in a hospital, he began devising equipment to rehabilitate his patients, taking springs from beds and rigging them to create resistance. Pilates is mainly taught on a mat, sometimes using specialist equipment that has changed little from the original hospital bedsprings. His methods are so successful and popular that all types of people now use them from ballet dancers to rugby players. 

How Pilates helps
Practiced faithfully Pilates yields numerous benefits, including increased lung capacity, strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. The balance and control taught in Pilates help in all areas of one´s life. 

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, orthopedic and accident rehabilitation, stress, fatigue, some neurological diseases, some oncological diseases

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, shortness of breath, heart insufficiency, pregnancy, unstable diabetes or blood pressure, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, incapacitation

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