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The Best Spa for Skin Diseases

If you have problems with your skin then Smrdáky Health Spa Hotels are your first address. Because the spa in Smrdáky specializes in the treatment of skin diseases and is therefore known beyond the borders of Slovakia. In addition, complaints of the musculoskeletal system are also successfully treated.

Nowhere else in Europe are there natural remedies that help so effectively with a variety of skin problems. The slightly mineralized and particularly hydrogen sulphide-rich mineral water, which is obtained from the spa’s own sources, and the sulphurous healing mud, which is the result of a long maturation process, are truly unique and have a particularly anti-inflammatory effect.

The experienced team of medical specialists and therapists uses the remedies and skilfully combines them with balneological treatments or light therapies to effectively and sustainably cure skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, atopic eczema or rosacea. The results of the treatment are astonishing and free the patients of their skin problems for a long time, without the constant use of medication and with no other side effects.

It is not for nothing that the spa has the reputation of being the "Dead Sea" of Slovakia. After all, it's the most effective spa of its kind in the world.


Lots of Space and Choice

The effect of the remedies was recognized early on and the spa pioneer Jozef Vietoris built the historic spa in 1833. This has been successively expanded and now consists of several hotels, various bathhouses for adults and children and a wonderfully quiet, 16-acre spa park, in which the recovery is really easy.

The central building of the complex is - nomen est omen - the Hotel Central. In addition to a central reception and rooms, you will also find the doctor's rooms and various treatment rooms, the rehabilitation centre and departments for outpatients. A library, a cinema and two meeting rooms are also housed in this building. Accommodation is also available in the neighbouring Hotel Vietoris and in the Dependence Morava, which is situated on a small hill, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding Spa Park. 

The 106 rooms and suites are comfortable and cosy and partly renovated. The Vietoris Restaurant, the cafés in the Hotel Central and the lobby bar in the Hotel Vietoris will cater to your every need. In summer, a small á la carte restaurant opens in the Dependance Morava. 

You can practice sports on the resort's tennis courts, while jogging and Nordic walking or cycling and inline skating, for which you can borrow the equipment.

There is also a regeneration centre with fitness room, a big gymnasium for aerobics, volleyball and basketball, a sauna area, a whirlpool and treatment rooms for massages and beauty treatments.


Also Great for Small Patients

Special is the spa programme for children. A separate bathing complex treats young patients between the ages of 3 and 18 years.

The main focus here is on skin diseases. The specially trained doctors and therapists have great experience in caring for young people and the positive treatment results bring relief for the whole family.

Health Spa

Quiet Health Resort, Exciting Region

Smrdáky is small, quiet and tranquil. But the surrounding region has a lot to offer. For example, visit the well-known royal city Skalica, the pilgrimage place Šaštín or the many castles in the Záhorie region or in the neighbouring Czech Republic.

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