Individual Bubble Bath

Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy

What is an individual bubble bath
The individual bubble bath is prepared from ordinary tap water that has been heated to the temperature around 37°C. Small bubbles of air are then pumped into water producing a fizzy look and feel. The bath usually lasts 20 minutes, during which you lie relaxed in a bubble bath tub as small air bubbles gently caress and coat your skin. The treatment in some of our spa locations is followed by a full body 15-minute dry wrap.

How an individual bubble bath helps
The bubble bath is ideal for general relaxation, as there is a pleasant soothing feeling of general tickling caused by the air bubbles.

Bubble Bath with Additives

Herbal extracts or aromatic oils are added to the water in the bubble bath. The herbal extracts used may include nettle, which softens the skin and can help eczema conditions; camomile, which is anti-inflammatory and speeds up the healing of wounds, horsetail plant for backaches and aching joints, and oak bark to alleviate skin irritations. Another favourite additive is peat extract – it helps to relieve muscle overload, to combat degenerative processes of the musculoskeletal system (namely arthrosis and rheumatic conditions), and is effective for pain in joints, spine and muscles. Moreover, due to its rich content of active organic substances, it heals eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. You can also choose from aromatic oils lake lavender, melissa, meadow flowers, lemon, orange. 

The presence of peat extract brings additional contraindications: malignant tumours and blood disorders (recent or past), pathological cervical screening ( pap smear).

Advisable for:

Stress, fatigue, burn-out syndrome, musculoskeletal diseases, orthopaedic and accident rehabilitation, some digestive problems, kidney and urinary tract disorders, metabolic and circulatory diseases, certain diseases of the respiratory tract, infertility and gynaecological problems, neurological diseases.

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, untreated or uncontrolled hypertension, epilepsy, acute thrombosis, phlebitis, leg ulcers and other skin defects, shortness of breath, incontinence, pregnancy, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, menstruation, incapacitation.

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