Interference Currents

Physical Therapy, Electromagnetic Field

What are interference currents
Interference currents are usually produced by applying electrodes in a cross position so that the current running between one pair of electrodes crosses deep in the tissue with the current running between the other pair of electrodes. At the point of crossing, the currents interfere with each other producing a new current that has a healing effect. This may be potentiated by applying the currents via suction cups that exhibit a micro-massage on the surface tissues. 

How interference currents help
The effect of this procedure depends on the frequency of the interference currents. Frequencies in the range of 1-100 Hz bring about the most varied results – the reduction of swelling, improvement of blood and lymph perfusion, twitching of the damaged muscles (used as muscle gymnastics), stimulation of a lazy urinary bladder, and the reduction of stress incontinence. Higher frequencies up to 130 Hz produce pain relief, and even higher ones between 150-200 Hz result in the relaxation of the muscles.

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