Individual Intimate Exercise


What is individual intimate exercise
Individual intimate exercise is suitable for women who have problems namely with their pelvic floor and experience difficulties with holding urine or in their intimate life. During the sessions, clients learn about their pelvic floor, where it is and how it works. Then they train their pelvic floor muscles along with other muscle groups assessed as necessary by the physiotherapist. The training is effective both for prevention and rehabilitation. 

How individual intimate exercise helps
The therapy has the following benefits: increased awareness and knowledge of the pelvic floor, treatment of urinary incontinence, improved condition of the body after abdominal or pelvic surgery (caesarean section, episiotomy, etc.), and improved function of the inner sexual organs. The proper function of the pelvic floor also helps to prevent lower back aches and constipation, among other problems.

Advisable for:

postoperative rehabilitation (abdomen, pelvis), certain gynaecological problems, urinary incontinence

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, fresh or recent injury, severe shortness of breath, severe heart disease, permanent incontinence, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, metastatic malignant tumours and blood disorders

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