Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage

Natural Skincare, Body Treatment, Comfort Zone

Innovative treatment method with a multi-sensory approach, very helpful for an improvement in sleep. Deep relaxation is achieved through three closely-connected influences: careful touching through combined therapeutic slow movements, aromatherapeutic voyage of fragrance and relaxing background music. The combination of unique specially-composed essential oils Tranquillity™ Sound and the unique brushing manual with elements from Ayurveda and Indonesia Sea Malay Ritual will accompany you on your way to a state of deep relaxation. This treatment is particularly suitable for sleep disorders or the symptoms of jet lag.

Benefits - pure relaxation combined with a cosmetically-hydrated and silky skin sensation. Recommended in cases of sleep disorders and stress-related restlessness or anxiety. Most ideally suited after long flights and time zone changes.

Duration: 50 minutes

Pleasant sensation of relax, useful for rest and sleep. Cosmetically hydrated and silky skin.

Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or travelling to a new time zone

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