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A World Heritage Site and a Modern Cosmopolitan City

Budapest offers a bit of everything: history and culture, sport, entertainment and conviviality

What could be better than combining a wellness or spa holiday with a sightseeing programme? It’s ideal if the spa hotel is located in the middle of a lively city full of places of interest. When the cultural, sports and entertainment offerings are so diverse, they are hard to ignore. Budapest is a city of tradition and modernity, one of the world’s most beautiful major cities. A European capital, where a stay that is rich in variety is guaranteed.

Turbulent History

Even by the time of the Stone Age the area of today’s Budapest had been settled. The Romans later used the base, called Aquincum, as the capital of the province of Pannonia. Attila the Hun founded his kingdom here in the fifth century. Over the course of the following centuries, rule in the area changed several times: From the Avars to the Magyars and then the Turks. Finally, in 1686, Charles of Lorraine eventually reconquered the territories of Óbuda, Buda and Pest for the House of Habsburg from the Turks.
During the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the city grew rapidly and became one of the most important major cities on the continent.

In 1896, the first subway in Europe was opened in Budapest. After the Second World War, Budapest vanished behind the Iron Curtain, until Hungary opened up once again to the West in 1989.

Today, Budapest has two million inhabitants and is one of the most up-and-coming destinations in Europe. And for good reason: Budapest offers a large number of interesting sights to visit, is a traditional city that is rich in culture, but where sports and entertainment are in no short supply. And naturally, Budapest, with its many thermal springs, is the city of baths!

Sights in Budapest

Budapest is worthwhile seeing in every respect.
Here are a few tips and pointers on the main places of interest:

Visit Budapest

Take advantage of your stay in Budapest and visit some of the city's places of interest.

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