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Vila Trajan

Health Conditions

Integrative Medical Approach for more Personal Health

In conventional medicine, health complaints are usually treated with medication. Thereby symptoms, e.g. pain, can be alleviated or eliminated in the short term, but the actual cause of the health problem is often disregarded.

Healing means more than just depressing the symptoms. In the Ensana Health Spa Hotels, we therefore try to consider our guests health in an as networked way as possible and thus to recognize the interrelationships behind complaints such as back pain, indigestion or atopic dermatitis. These can be caused by an unnatural mobility spectrum, altered muscle tension, the emotional state or the metabolism, but also by a combination of different causes.

With a multi-faceted treatment approach, we try to solve your health problem. Above all, our valuable and confirmed natural remedies are particularly suitable to help the body to activate its self-healing properties. Using these remedies in combination with functional exercise, balanced nutrition, and physical and emotional relaxation helps eliminate the root causes of your problem.

More than the Musculoskeletal System

In general, Ensana Health Spa Hotels are experienced specialists in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. But we can also help you effectively in a number of other indications.

Health Issues

The Vila Trajan Health Spa Hotel can help you with these health issues:

  • infectious diseases
  • serious heart diseases
  • acute thrombophlebitis
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases in the acute phase
  • tumorous conditions with metastasis
  • psychosis
  • unstable diabetes with repeated acidosis
  • pregnancy
  • addiction to alcohol and other addictive substances
  • incontinency
  • conditions needing the systematic methodical care of third person
  • epilepsy with repeated fits
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