Naturally Carbonated Mineral Baths of Marienbad

Balneotherapy, Thermal and Mineral Baths

What is a naturally carbonated mineral bath
This is a signature treatment, exclusively provided in the spa resort of Marienbad using the naturally carbonated mineral waters that spring out from the ground locally. The mineral water with dissolved gaseous CO2 is heated to temperatures between 32-34°C to preserve as much CO2 as possible and to ensure acceptable bath temperatures. After heating, the mineral water flows into an individual bathtub. The carbon dioxide fizzes onto the skin, producing a relaxing, tickling sensation and a reddening of the submerged skin. The bath is followed by a relaxing dry wrap, to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment.

How a naturally carbonated mineral bath helps
The gas is absorbed through the skin into the body, where it widens the blood capillaries, thus reducing blood pressure and improving heart pump function. It also suppresses feelings of pain and cold, so after a while you will feel warm in the bath despite a relative perception of cold at the beginning. Several treatments will result in more efficient blood circulation all over your body, improving the function of all your inner organs (including the heart, kidneys and reproductive organs) as well as reducing stiffness and pain in the muscles and joints. Moreover, the carbonated bath relieves stress and anxiety.

Mineral Bath with Additives

In this particular treatment, herbal extracts or aromatic oils are added to the water. The herbal extracts used may include nettle, which softens the skin and can help eczema conditions; camomile, which is anti-inflammatory and speeds up the healing of wounds; horsetail plant for backaches and aching joints; and oak bark to alleviate skin irritations. You can also choose from aromatic oils like lavender, melissa, meadow flowers, lemon, orange. 
Another favourite additive is peat extract – it helps to relieve muscle overload, to combat degenerative processes of the musculoskeletal system (namely arthrosis and rheumatic conditions), and is effective for pain in the joints, spine and muscles. Moreover, due to its rich content of active organic substances, it heals eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. You may not use the peat extract if you have had any of the following conditions: malignant tumours and blood disorders (recent or past), pathological cervical screening (pap smear).

This bath is available to children after a consultation with a spa physician.

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, orthopaedic and accident rehabilitation, stress, fatigue, kidney and urinary tract disorders, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, certain diseases of the respiratory tract, certain skin diseases, infertility and gynaecological problems, neurological diseases, convalescence after oncological treatment

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, unstable chest angina, severe heart failure, severe shortness of breath, epilepsy, acute thrombosis, phlebitis, leg ulcers and other skin defects, incontinence, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, menstruation, incapacitation

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