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Soothing Health Spa Curative Treatment

Do you have to contend with stiff, swollen and aching joints in the morning? Are your wrist and finger joints inflamed? Do you feel tired and unwell?

Arthritis is not curable - but you can take some action to relieve the symptoms and pain. Get as much vitality and quality of life as possible. Reduce the pain and gain more mobility.

Progressive Course of Arthritis

Those affected by arthritis suffer from chronic pain and swelling, especially in the small joints of the fingers and toes, but often in other joints too. Rheumatoid arthritis - also called polyarthritis - is especially common among women. The synovial membrane becomes inflamed. This inflammation process gives rise to pain and swelling. Furthermore, the inflammation releases enzymes which cause further joint damage by attacking the cartilage or the bones of the affected joint and gradually destroying them over time.

The specific composition of the healing water in our health spas ensures the abatement of your pain. Combined with movement in the water, you can achieve significant health improvements. Ideally, your treatment will last two to three weeks.

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Ensana Therapies

for Arthritis

At the Ensana Health Spa Hotels we have made it our mission to help people like you. It is our clear goal to effectively improve your health so that you can lead a pain-free and happy life. Our experienced specialists develop an individual treatment concept for you that will help you achieve your health goals. Depending on the hotel, your treatment mix will consist of a combination of some of the following therapies:

We attach great importance to the high quality of our medical treatments and our hotel services, so that you feel completely well and perfectly looked after.

Effective Natural Resources

Slow down the progression of the disease

We use high-performance, natural remedies, such as thermal water, mineral water, medicinal mud and gas, and use them for our tailour-made therapies, which relieve your pain and swelling, increase mobility of your joints and your ability to move.

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Get Your Individual Treatment

Our expert staff looks forward to taking excellent care of you. During your stay you will enjoy the unique blend of health spa curative treatments with good old-fashioned rest and relaxation.

Choose one of our Ensana Health Spa Hotels and let us help you achieve sustainable relief from your arthritis.

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