Hévíz, Hungary

A Rare Biologically-Active Lake of Healing

Hévíz is home to the largest thermal lake in the world, suitable for bathing, where guests can enjoy year-round wellbeing thanks to the Mediterranean climate and perfectly warm, mineral-rich water.

Aside from the myriad health benefits of the lake, Hungary Hévíz offers everything for a perfect holiday: from culture and culinary events, water sports to local wine, hiking, even ballooning over the tree tops.

The Romans first discovered the ‘flowing warm spring’ that, to this day, refills the lake with fresh water every 72 hours. Throughout history Hévíz has been a lively and prestigious health resort, brimming with festivals, period architecture and the unsurpassed natural beauty that defines them.

Even today there aren’t many places where you can relax – and float! -  all year round in thermal water (always more than 23 degrees Celsius, whatever the season) with active health properties. In winter the steamy layer that hovers over the lake even has a rare curative effect on strained vocal chords.

Hévíz in Brief

Rich Thermal Water and Mud with Strong Focus on the Muscular Skeletal and Nervous System

Hévíz is rich in natural healing elements. The destination’s thermal mineral water, lake mud, aromatic air and a warm, year-round climate form the basis of treatments addressing a long list of conditions:

  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Nervous system and circulation disorders
  • Musculoskeletal conditions, plus rehabilitation and preventive programmes
  • Stomach and digestive ailments
  • Gynaecological conditions
  • Skin issues 

Biologically Active Lake for Therapeutic Swimming

Lake Hévíz is a geological rarity. His healing water is a calcium and magnesium-containing hydrogen carbonate. The high mineral content is ideal for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system and many other disorders.

  • The lake water is rich in gases: hydrogen sulphide, carbonic acid and methane.

  • The hydrostatic pressure of the water stimulates the blood circulation.

  • The Hévíz healing mud has a pain-relieving effect and stimulates the metabolism.

  • The thermal water is also used for drinking cures

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Traditional Hévíz healing methods combined with modern therapies

In Hévíz we offer the famous traction bath for releasing symptoms of damaged vertebrae. Weights are attached to the back and ankles to open the spine and relieve the intervertebral discs. Our combination of natural resources and medical expertise offers you a wide range of medical treatments:

  • Balneo-,hydro- physio- and electro therapies
  • Mud therapies
  • Drinking cures and inhalations
  • Exercise therapies - and swimming
  • Therapeutic massages

All-Round Wellbeing

Our spa in Heviz offers a full range of wellness and beauty treatments to add to your relaxation, recovery and pleasure. We believe that how we look and feel inside and out, plays an important role in our overall health and happiness. Choose from:

  • Facials and body treatments using natural product lines
  • Massages and body rituals
  • Beauty services: nails, hair, waxing
  • Sauna and steam rooms

Ask at Reception for details.

Historic-modern Spa

Hévíz was first inhabited in Roman times. In 1328 it was referred to in writing, as the "flowing warm spring". By 1795 the spa was founded, when George Count Festetics built bathhouses and spa facilities around the already-famous Thermal Lake.

  • Today's thermal bath was built in 1968 in the middle of the lake.

  • The traditional Hévíz healing method has been supplemented with modern therapies.

  • The lake's mud is also widely used in healing therapies.

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Hévíz, Hungary

More than 40 years of experience and extensive knowledge-base in the medical application of the unique local remedies make us the hotel health leader at the most prestigious Hungarian spa destination. Excellence in wellness therapies and outstanding service will make your stay a memorable and healthful one.

Hévíz, Hungary

The most popular all-inclusive health spa hotel in Hévíz offers something for every generation, whether you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, to get some rest and recuperation, have a wellness break or find fun activities for the children. Benefit from the amazing power of the deservedly famous medicinal hot spring waters and mud in the hotel’s own Spa.

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