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Sovata, Romania

Europe's Warm Salt Water Lake

Sovata is home to the largest heliothermal lake in Europe. It’s a place where naturally-occurring salt water and the sun’s heat allow warm water bathing surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. There is no place quite like Sovata.

Ever since the formation of the Bear Lake and the discovery of it’s unique heliothermal qualities at the very beginning of the 20th century, this small place in the Carpathian Mountains has enjoyed health resort status: from a golden era of royal visitors and elegant villas to a post-war period, busy with bureaucrats and workers, to its stunning renovation in 2009. 

Sovata has always been known as ‘the town where women are happy’, such are the remarkable effects of its natural resources for female health.

Wildly romantic nature, beautiful wooden villas built in the 19th century and a naturally warm lake make Sovata an ideal place to relax and recharge.

Sovata Spa

Soothing Benefits of Salt Water

This beautiful lake resort, with its salty water, mud and pine-scented air, offers healing benefits across many conditions, with exceptional success for women’s issues:

  • Gynaecology: infertility, menstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • Mobility concerns: alleviating rheumatic pain, muscle tension and joint stiffness
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Skin issues
  • Modern day stress and tension

Transylvania’s own ‘Dead Sea’

Sovata’s salty Bear Lake was born from a natural sink hole, which, millennia ago, was a lagoon, flooded by sea. This 5-hectare-wide, warm-water pool, surrounded by mountains and woodland, offers rich healing resources, used for:

  • Balneotherapies, including bathing, lake swimming and floating
  • Mud body wraps
  • Inhalation therapies for respiratory conditions and allergies

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Comprehensive Therapy Offer

We combine the latest medical knowledge with our expertise in natural resources to holistically and measurably improve your health:

  • Balneo- and hydro- therapies and lake swimming
  • Medical mud packs, baths and insertions 
  • Salt inhalation therapies
  • Phototherapy, electrotherapy and other physical therapies

All-Round Wellbeing

Our spa in Sovata offers a full range of wellness and beauty treatments to add to your relaxation, recovery and pleasure. We believe that how we look and feel inside and out, plays an important role in our overall health and happiness. Choose from:

  • Facials and body treatments using natural product lines
  • Massages and body rituals
  • Beauty services: nails, hair, waxing
  • Sauna and steam rooms

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Spa with Tradition

The healing power of Sovata's mineral water has been known for 500 years. It was in the 19th century, that a natural sinkhole created the famous Bear Lake, for which this small mountain town is so famous.

  • In 1884 Sovata received the status of a health resort.
  • In the 1920s, famous guests, such as the Romanian royal family, visited the spa.
  • In 2009, the city was renovated and new hotels emerged.
  • Today, Sovata is a health resort for all seasons.

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Sovata, Romania

Modern design, four-star superior quality, excellent cuisine,  outstanding medical expertise,  and expansive facilities for wonderfully relaxing spa holidays and events make this Ensana Luxury Hotel the leading resort getaway in Transylvania.

Sovata, Romania

The Ursina Health Spa Hotel is the new member of Ensana family. The medicinal resources of the famous saltwater Bear Lake, extensive medical experience and expertise, modern facilities and a great location guarantee a global sense of  well-being.

Sovata, Romania

The Sovata Health Spa Hotel enjoys a  top-tier reputation as one of the Romania’s best health hotels or venues. The medicinal resources of the famous saltwater Bear Lake, extensive medical experience and expertise, modern facilities and a great location guarantee a global sense of  well-being.

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