Reopening dates

AQUA HEVÍZ: 31 July 2020
GRAND MARGARET ISLAND: temporarily closed

Safety & Hygiene


  • Statement signed by guests accepting COVID19 measures in hotel
  • Hand sanitizers in all guest areas
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all public and staff areas
  • Available masks and gloves in hotel shop


  • Compulsory staff trainings on COVID19 measures
  • Testing of staff before re-opening
  • Body temperature measurement of staff (every day)
  • Hand sanitizers in all staff areas
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all staff areas
  • Masks and gloves in front of the house departments
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  • Limited services due to regulations    
  • Social distancing in all areas    
  • No minibar service in guest rooms    
  • Additional room textiles only upon request    


Breakfast: Buffet – semi served & self served; different serving periods may apply    
Lunch: á la carte    
Dinner: Buffet – semi served & self served; different serving periods may apply    

Spa, Wellness, Beauty & Fitness


  • Indoor pools: Available
  • Outdoor pool: Available
  • Spa treatments: Available
  • Medical treatments: Available
  • Fitness Centre: Available
  • Beauty Saloon: Available


  • Indoor pools: Available
  • Outdoor pool: Available
  • Spa treatments: Available
  • Medical treatments: Available
  • Fitness Centre: Available
  • Beauty Saloon: Available

Margaret Island:

  • Indoor pools: Available
  • Outdoor pool: Available
  • Spa treatments: Available
  • Medical treatments: Available
  • Fitness Centre: Available
  • Beauty Saloon: Available

We are committed to providing you with a safe enviroment !
Prevention and control measures for your safety

What we have done and will do!
our actions and measures

  • All staff members undertake a PCR Covid 19 test before reopening.
  • Daily body temperature measurement for all staff members.
  • Regular trainings for staff members on reenforced prevention measures, continous supervision of implementation. 
  • All our disinfectant agents and cleaning supplies are approved by the Hungarian Ministry of Health, provided by Diversey comp., our core supplier.
  • All our staff use face masks, gloves (where necessary) inside the hotels
  • We have reviewed our internal processes and operational procedures in order to minimize interaction between members of staff, guests and staff and guests.

What we expect you to do!
rules and recommandations for our guests

  • Please respect general social distancing measures between you and other guests and members of staff. 
  • Please respect social distancing lines at front desk areas and the rearrangement of furniture in the halls.
  • "Elevators can be used by 2 persons at a time, except members of the same family or persons 
  • in the same room. We recommend to use the stairs."
  • For prepayments we recommend paying online or by bank transfer, for payments at the front desks we recommend using credit cards.
  • We have removed minibars from the guest rooms. 
  • In case you need a product from the minibar please contact the front desk.
  • For the safety of other guests and staff members visits to guests staying in the hotels are not allowed.

Halls, front offices, public areas

  • We have installed acryl glass protection at front desks and distancing lines on the floor at front desk area.    
  • Hand sanitizer units at main entrances, front offices, lift areas are installed.    
  • We have rearranged the furniture in the halls in order to keep social distancing.    
  • We have limited the use of elevators to 2 persons at a time, except members of the same family or persons in the same room.     
  • All key cards are disinfected before and after hand over.     
  • We regurarly clean and disinfect AC filters according to the reviewed program.    


  • We have updated our cleaning procedures and we have removed items with high risk of contamination and difficult to disinfect, such as minibars, flyers, brochures, extra blankets 
  • For the sake of minimizing contacts suspension of daily cleaning of the bedrooms can be requested    
  • Towels, bed sheets, covers, robes are changed in every 3 day  
  • After check-out all rooms are disinfected and re-allocated only after 24 hours
  • Tv remote control is disinfected and put in a plastic cover
  • All textiles used in the rooms are washed, dried and ironed at high temperatures     
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