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Treatment with highly effective thermal water therapies

Rheumatic diseases cause a whole range of unpleasant complaints including swelling, stiffness, rashes, misalignment of the joints and limitations of movement. Often muscular tension, spinal strain and inflammation of the eyes or internal organs may well appear. Did you know about all of this?

The sooner you take a course of action for your health problems, the better it will be on slowing down the progression of the disease. Prevent your quality of life from becoming increasingly limited. Don’t put it off any longer. Try a curative thermal treatment and reap the immediate health benefits.

Effects of Rheumatism 

Rheumatic diseases mainly manifest themselves in the connective and supporting tissue of the musculoskeletal system. Bones, joints or the soft tissues, muscles, tendons and bursae are thus affected. This umbrella term covers more than 400 individual diseases, from arthritis to arthrosis, and from gout to soft tissue rheumatism. 

It affects older people as well as those younger and even children.  And unfortunately it is not curable. However, all rheumatic diseases have one thing in common, namely that they are painful. Many rheumatoid patients therefore take painkillers.

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Ensana Therapies  

for Rheumatism

At the Ensana Health Spa Hotels we have made it our mission to help people like you. It is our clear goal to effectively improve your health so that you can lead a pain-free and happy life. Different procedures are combined together in your individual therapy plan. Discuss your programme with the physicians in the hotel so we can best take your needs into account.

  • Before you begin your therapy with us, our experienced specialists will conduct a thorough examination of you
  • Treatment list may include healing baths, hydro-, physio- and, electrotherapy, mud packs or phototherapy, as well as gas baths and injections

  • We also offer cryo-, magnetic field- and laser therapies, as well as Kneipp treatments, acupuncture and peat packs

  • A variety of wellness services, the relaxing effect of which also benefits the overall outcome of your curative treatment
  • Take part in our activity programmes and learn how to keep the rheumatism symptoms as minimal as possible in your everyday life

We attach great importance to the high quality of our medical treatments and our hotel services, so that you feel completely well and perfectly looked after.

Effective Natural Resources

Thermal water therapies are highly effective for rheumatic ailments

Our ‘medication’ are the natural remedies of thermal water, healing mud and gas. Nature’s healing power is particularly evident in the case of rheumatic diseases with a thermal water curative treatment. So that you can lead as painless and unrestricted a life as possible despite the rheumatism, we recommend the unique sulphur mud in Piešťany, known the world over.

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For Rheumatism Treatment

Enjoy Your Health Spa Stay

The Ensana Health Spa Hotels in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Romanian Sovata specialise in the treatment of rheumatoid diseases, among other things.

Book your spa stay and get a a wholesome and relaxing holiday and return home full of new energy and a better quality of life.

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